Electric Motor Design Software

YES ™ currently has the following motor design software available:




Shaded Pole AC

AC Induction

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  • Reduce development cycle time and cost
  • Optimize motor costs
  • Instantly check effects of design changes
  • Maximize material usage
  • On-line design tips
  • Reduce number of prototype iterations


  • Computes all relevant motor parameters including material weights
  • Allows printing of inputs, outputs, and graphs
  • Calculates flux densities, MMF drops, performance, and material weights
  • Inputs – Dimensions, material properties, and winding information
  • Outputs – Magnetic Circuit information, including flux densities and MMF drops, mechanical information, weights, inertias, winding information – including copper weights, resistance, slot fill, speed-torque, current, efficiency, losses, motor constants, and cost data of design

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