Who We Are

Yeadon Energy Systems, Inc. (YES ™) is an electrical/mechanical engineering consulting service that specializes in the design and prototype fabrication of electric motors, generators, actuators, and other electromagnetic devices. Other services include failure analysis, electrical testing, electric motor design software, and professional development training for engineers.

Established in 1996

Yeadon Energy Systems, Inc. (YES ™) was established in 1996. Founder William H Yeadon, PE, spent 49 years serving the electric motor industry and is the editor of Handbook of Small Electric Motors.

He was well-respected and well known in the electric motor industry and an active member of the following engineering associations: SMMA (Motors and Motion Association), EMCWA (Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Association), NSPE, and IEEE. YES ™ has served private manufacturers for 26 years fulfilling contracts of up to $640k. YES ™ has subcontracted on behalf of the DOE and DOD.


William H. Yeadon, P.E.

Mr. Yeadon spent 49 years in the electric motor industry through employment with Redmond Motors, A.O. Smith, Warner Electric, Barber-Colman, and Yeadon Energy Systems.

Mr. Yeadon is editor-in-chief of the McGraw-Hill Handbook of Small Electric Motors a valuable comprehensive reference of all types of motors up to 10 horse power. The book covers theory through application and manufacturing. He is the original software developer of YES software, an electric motor design tool. Mr. Yeadon has also taught courses for SMMA, EMCWA, and private companies either by on-site classroom instruction or by teleconferencing

Vice President - Engineering

Bradley M. Frustaglio, P.E.

Mr. Frustaglio is a graduate of Michigan Technological University and a registered professional engineer. He has 22 years of experience with YES ™ as an electric motor designer, electric motor tester, and software developer. Mr. Frustaglio is a member of the Association for Advancing Automation, and is a contributor to the Handbook of Small Electric Motors. He is the on-going software developer and software trainer of YES software, an electric motor design tool. His expertise is in the areas of electric motor and generator design and development, production, testing, quality, and project management.

Mr. Frustaglio is a member of the following professional associations:

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