Electric Motor Design Software
YES ™ currently has the following motor design software available: (Click on the printable brochure below to view additional information and screenshots for each)
Shaded Pole AC
AC Induction
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Reduce development cycle time and cost
Optimize motor costs
Instantly check effects of design changes
Maximize material usage
On-line design tips
Reduce number of prototype iterations
Computes all relevant motor parameters including material weights
Allows printing of inputs, outputs, and graphs
Calculates flux densities, MMF drops, performance, and material weights
Inputs - Dimensions, material properties, and winding information
Outputs - Magnetic Circuit information, including flux densities and MMF drops, mechanical information, weights, inertias, winding information - including copper weights, resistance, slot fill, speed-torque, current, efficiency, losses, motor constants, and cost data of design

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