Testing & Analysis

YES ™ Staff has over 40 years of experience in the electric motor industry.  This experience allows YES ™ to provide you with reliable, understandable motor test data.  We can provide you with a quote on any testing you may need.
AC Motors  
Torque vs. Speed  
Comparative Product Evaluation
Current vs. Speed  
Efficiency vs. Speed  
Power vs. Speed  
Capacitor Volts vs. Speed  
Phase Volts vs. Speed  
Power Factor vs. Speed  
Segregation of Losses  
Magnetic Circuit Analysis  
Thermal Properties  
Temperature Rise
Life Testing
DC Motors
Speed vs. Torque
Current vs. Torque
Power vs. Torque
Efficiency vs. Torque
Segregation of Losses
Determination of Servo Parameters
Magnetic Circuit Analysis
Temperature Rise
Thermal Properties
Life Testing
Comparative Products Evaluation  

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